Terms & Conditions

Account Creation:

Craft a learning journey for your child with Tiny Genius. Simply create an account for your child through Tiny Genius App. We’ll collect a few essential details to set up your account, such as email and password during the account setup process. These details help us tailor the app’s content as per our audience. This step helps in creating an engaging learning experience.

Subscription Plans:

Unlock a world of knowledge with our subscription plans as some of our app’s content is locked and reserved for Premium Users. We offer two subscription plans:

1. Monthly Subscription Plan:

You can gain access to the full range of our app’s content for a period of one month for just $2.99. A monthly subscription plan will allow you to discover and learn all the exciting educational materials we have to offer.

2. Yearly Subscription Plan:

This subscription is for those parents and their children who are eager to set off on a year-long learning journey. Our yearly subscription plan offers a discounted price of just $23.99 ($1.99/month) for the entire app content for a full year. In this subscription, we charge a single payment for the entire year and that with an amazing saving of 33% too.
Making sure you get uninterrupted access to our app and your child learns in the best way possible.

Cancel at Anytime:

With Tiny Genius, you’re in control. At any point, you can choose to discontinue your subscription. Whichever plan you choose grants you the flexibility to cancel it with a few clicks. The only condition is that the cancellation should occur during your subscription period or 7 days before it renews.
We respect your choices and guarantee that you won’t be charged for the upcoming subscription cycle after cancellation.

System Requirements:

Our app and services are upward compatible therefore there are no device restrictions, Tiny Genius is supported on all iOS and android devices including smartphones and tablets.

Important Details:

No. of Devices: 4
Access options for apps: Smartphones & tablets
Software version: upward compatible with all iOS and android latest versions
All future updates are included

Account Deletion:

We understand there may come a time when you decide to bid farewell for any reason to your account. Please be assured of our values about your privacy and data security. You can access, update, or request us to delete your account information anytime. You can also unsubscribe from promotional app notifications and your subscription from the app. contact us for more information.


If you have any questions about these Terms & Conditions, please contact us through support@tinygenius.com

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